Yes, we can save cracked teeth (even a “split” tooth) with endodontic treatments

At Endodontics Associates of Georgia, we are equipped to resolve severe damage to teeth. Without the intervention of specialists, Drs Damaries Candelario-Soto, Yanina Figueroa, Joseph Yoo, Shaletha Bolden, and Yasir Al-Drugh, these teeth may not be preserved. Surrounding bone would also be vulnerable to damage. Expensive and invasive tooth replacement is necessary to prevent destructive consequences and restore healthy function and facial aesthetics. 

Often, teeth may be damaged due to progressive decay or gum disease. However, cracked teeth can also be candidates for nonsurgical root canal therapy or other endodontic treatments at our practices in Atlanta, Kennesaw, Cartersville, and Roswell. 

The problem: Cracks

Not all cracks or fractures develop or manifest in the same way. For example, superficial chips may affect only the protective enamel. In these cases, cosmetic bonding or veneers may be appropriate to add strength and cover up the chipped surfaces. However, untreated, chronic tooth grinding (bruxism) and other trauma or injuries to the tooth can affect the enamel and underlying dentin. The innermost parts of the tooth (the pulp) may become inflamed. Pulp inflammation or infection requires root canal treatment. A tooth may also be vulnerable to fractures if it is weakened. A tooth may weaken due to enamel erosion, decay, or repeated dental procedures. Less severe cracks or wear and tear to the tooth structure can be effectively treated with dental restorations, such as simple fillings.  

Now, a tooth that breaks following a blow to the face during sports or other forms of acute trauma may be noticeable. But some patients have fractured teeth, and they don’t even know it. Signs of potential trouble and the need for restorative treatment include:

  • Pain that comes and goes when chewing 
  • Increased sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Discomfort after biting down, which may linger for some time after relaxing the mouth

More than symptom relief: Lasting, precision treatment

Many fractured teeth may be restored to health after removing infected tissues, and cleaning out, reshaping, and filling root canals, is at the heart of root canal therapy. Even a portion of a “split tooth” or a tooth that has sustained a vertical root fracture can be preserved with precision endodontic treatment. At Endodontics Associates of Georgia, we use advanced, minimally-invasive techniques such as the GentleWave® to support comfortable, effective, and efficient healing. 

Our diagnostics are cutting-edge and aid in our ability to identify and gather information about fractured or damaged areas. The more accurate information we have, the better prepared we are to precisely treat the tooth. We also use microsurgical techniques to treat cracked and vulnerable teeth effectively. 

Regardless of the type of technique or specific treatment that may be recommended, we encourage you to visit your dentist right away to restore the crown. Crowns protect the treated tooth, which is susceptible to further damage. Also, depending on the nature of the fracture and its origins, preventive services such as custom mouthguards or orthotics may be suggested to prevent future damage to the tooth. 

Cracks won’t go away on their own. They require prompt treatment. Call us today at (770) 954-8338 to schedule your appointment with one of our dentists. 

Dr. Damaris Candelario-Soto

Dr. Damaries Candelario-Soto, DMD, MPH, embodies unmatched expertise, drawing from a rich background spanning 22 years in dentistry. Graduating from the University of Puerto Rico Dental School, she honed her skills in endodontics during her tenure in the US Air Force, serving as Chief of the Endodontic Department at Kadena Air Base, among other roles. Her authoritative contributions extend beyond military service; she's a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontists. Dr. Candelario-Soto's commitment to public health, evident through her MPH, resonates in her philanthropic efforts, including co-founding the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta and serving on the board of Ser Familia. Patients trust her compassionate care and painless procedures.