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May 01

If you have an infected tooth that had a previous root canal, we can evaluate if your tooth is a candidate for a retreatment. Sometimes it is better to say “Good Bye” to your tooth and consider a different treatment plan this is why? We want to evaluate your case before we appoint you for […]

Dec 06

Like many people, you may have a misconception about root canal therapy. Advances in modern dentistry have greatly simplified root canal treatment, making it less threatening, less time-consuming, and virtually pain-free. More importantly, root canal therapy offers lifelong oral health benefits you won’t want to miss. At Endodontics Associates of Georgia, Dr. Damaries Candelario-Soto provides […]

Jun 29

It’s common for patients to feel nervous about an upcoming root canal and unfortunately, endodontic therapy has a reputation for being painful, but you will be relieved to find out that a root canal is easier and less painful than you anticipated. In fact, instead of causing pain, a root canal relieves oral pain, so […]

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